Ministry In Dance

Jeremiah 31:13 (NLT)
The young women will dance for joy,
    and the men—old and young—will join in the celebration.
I will turn their mourning into joy.
    I will comfort them and exchange their sorrow for

Ministering in dance is what I LOVE TO DO!  It brings such joy and life to me and others who have witnessed me minster in dance. I have been ministering in dance since a young age and still love to do so now. I knew the Lord had blessed me with something (because I did not realize at the time it was the gift of dance) when I danced at a program at my home church and the move of God swept through the room. It was indescribable. The worship was authentic and undeniable. I did not fully understand all that was happening in that moment, but I knew God had done a great work and that if I stayed in Him, he would continue to bless me in my gift of dance. I am not the dancer who can kick my leg to my head or do a split (yet😊), but I am the dancer who has moved the hearts of many and blessed them through my dance while being blessed myself. I am a prophetic/warfare dancer. Prophetic and Warfare (for the most part) dance is spontaneous. It is God given dance that allows people to not only hear the message but see it as well in the form of dance. This is why when I dance it is called “ministering in dance.” There is a distinct difference in dancing and ministering in dance. Dancing is nice and pretty and will get applauds, but ministering is moving, uplifting, but yet heartfelt at times, and pleasing to God, all in one. It is encouraging, inspiring, and fulfilling in a way that allows for an overflow in the moment of the dance for worship with the people and myself. I have gained great joy in what God has allowed for me to accomplish in ministering in dance. When people are worshiping on ONE accord and reflecting on God and His goodness, grace, mercy, and favor over their lives, this is ministry. Seeking to have a deeper encounter with the Father is ministry. God has allowed me to minister in dance allowing these things to happen while I have been able to gain further intimacy with Him through dance.

I have had the pleasure of doing various dance workshops, camps, and other classes teaching young and old about dance. I love teaching what dance means to an individual and making that come to life!  I have previously served as a Dance Director, Dance Instructor, and Dance clinician. I love ministering in dance and teaching dance. The Word of God says in Matthew 13:9, He who has ears to hear, let him hear! I love for those who want to hear about dance and how it can be meaningful to them, to hear! I am here as a vessel to be used by God to Encourage, Uplift, and Inspire! God has allowed me to minister at various conference, churches, and other events. I pray God continues to open doors for me to minster in dance. I have been told I preach the Word of God through dance. I pray I am able to continue to do this for years and years to come.