About Judah's Calling

About Judah's Calling

Judah’s Calling is a ministry focused on sounding the praise and victory in our lives. A ministry truly devoted to encouraging, uplifting, and inspiring others around the world. Even in times of trouble, it is my hope that should you choose to use Judah’s Calling, I can help you find joy through praise with the ministry God has allowed me to birth. We are a ministry here to serve you with integrity!

Judah's Calling is here to Encourage, Uplift, and Inspire.

Ministry in Dance 

Speaker - I have conducted a variety of workshops ranging from resilience, dealing with stress to college prep. Inquire today regarding inquiries for speaking engagements.

W.O.W. - Work Out With Willette! If you are looking to work out and have fun, W.O.W. is for you! The goal is to build confidence, endurance, and have fun!!!! In conjunction with W.W.W (Wellness With Willette) can accommodate individuals, groups, birthday parties and much more. Check out our page here Wellness With Willette

Notary in Virginia (only) - A Notary is used when a person is in need of having important documents signed. Most Notaries are authorized to do acts dealing with legal matters, specifically dealing with witnessing signatures on documents. Notary’s have to review the signers and their signatures of important documents for their true identity. Notary’s notarize various documents like mortgage documents, wills, and much more. Some notarizations also require the notary to put the signer under an oath, stating under penalty of perjury that the information contained in a document is true and correct. For this reason, it is very important for the Notary to be able to verify any documents needing a signature are authentic from the actual person needing the document(s) signed. Therefore, it is imperative for proper identification documents to be provided (driver’s license school I.D. etc) when requesting a Notary.

Life Coach - As a Life Coach, my goal is to help others ascertain the goals they want in life and help make them attainable. Whether physical, professional, personal, financial, mental, emotional, or spiritual, I can assist with reaching goals you may be having a tough time navigating in life. I like to use the model I.D.E.A:

Identify the goal(s) you want in your life

Determine the steps to reach your desired goal(s)

Evoke those steps into action

Allow your goal(s) to manifest as you continue on your life journey.

Ultimately, I can assist with taking dreams and desires and assist with breaking these goals down into tangible goals that can help you reach your ultimate destiny. Let me help you take your I.D.E.A. and assist you with making it a reality.