Are you READY to LEAD??? Leadership 101 Pt 2.

Do you have what it takes to Lead? Do you know what tools you need to Lead? Are you ready to LEAD? Tune in for an all new episode on Leadership. Join me as I speak to Author, Tonya Carter, to discuss her NEW book: TAKE YOUR TURN!: A Leadership Guide to Success For Young Women. We will discuss the book and its storytelling style, making it fun to read as readers envision themselves as the protagonist from real life stories shared in the book.

Tonya Carter is a leader, teacher, coach, mentor, developer, and supporter for over 40 years.  She started as a military leader in the Army Corps of Engineers, transitioned to Engineering as a Supervisor at General Motors, switched to HR Leadership there, then maintained a growth path in HR ever since.  Her developmental mindset has allowed her to be successful in her personal leadership journey, and she chose to give back by investing in others; especially young women.